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The Wave Riders workshop

Sorry, that I have been away for awhile. We are back and looking forward to this workshop – Are you coming?

Planning a workshop in Vernon BC Canada in the Spring called “Your Optimal You” defining your best no matter what is going on or how you feel. Let me know if you are interested and I will send info. once it is finalized. This is based on The Wave Rider’s book You don’t have to be depressed or Bipolar to attend. It is for anyone who rides the waves between Adrenaline high energy and the low energy state or anyone who just wants to learn something different 🙂 Wave Riding is very common among high achievers whether at work or play.

Here is a link to the book – only on at the moment

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Have you ever had that moment?

Sometimes it starts with an easy-to-dismiss gentle nudge like a warm breeze flittering across your arm yet if you take a moment (even in the midst of chaos) and catch it – you can witness it and name it as your own. You might recognize that slight feeling as a moment of pure unexplained love or the recognition of a moment of pure joy or happiness and if you are not careful it can dissolve away quickly into the onslaught of the details in our lives.
Today, I felt such a moment and managed to step into it and savour it and I knew I could hold it for as long as I would allow myself to stay.

Wishing us all moments that stitch together to create bigger moments that we can stand in.

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Starting Young – Teaching Children to Breathe.

One of the key messages in The Wave Riders is to learn to use our deep and slow breathing to bring in our parasympathetic nervous system which counteracts the stress response. Teaching this to adults after years of stress is great and even better is to teach it to children and allow them to grow up with this technique naturally – so I, with my daughter contributing wrote Teach Me to Breathe a beautifully illustrated book that teaches whole families while reading to the youngest members about the importance of slowing down to breathe. The book is really fun – producing laughter in children another way to distress the children and the book raises money for children’s charities – check it out at

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Depression can want depression to occur more

Just read that our cells split and make new cells with receptors that “want” whatever thoughts we were thinking when they were made…. this means that if we think depressive thought then our new cells will have “more receptors” for depressing thoughts….time to start thinking positive thoughts.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones Being Treated for Bipolar II Disorder


Catherine Zeta-Jones has gone through terrible stress after a hard year with husbandMichaelDouglas and his throat cancer. Now I worry about Catherine. Catherine is a talented, intelligent woman it is “normal” for her to be bipolar though I expect that is not how she will be treated.

The Wave Riders book is a controversial book because it screams “look around and see” swings of emotion and energy are a natural piece of creativity. We can be taught how to harness our creative side while maintaining emotional balance. I am afraid for Catherine Zeta-Jones that she will now fall prey to the doctors who have already placed a heavy label around her neck.

Simon Cowell and Oprah Winfrey – Oh, no you didn’t! 

Oprah interview with Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell stated in a special guest appearance on the “Oprah Winfrey Show” (May 20, 2010) that he has been suffering from depression. 

Oprah replied, “What do you have to be depressed about?  Look at your life?”

 It was not so much the sentence that shocked me – it was the tone that almost said “You, Simon Cowell have no right to be depressed.  As if depression is solely about being ungrateful should you be so lucky as to have success and wealth.

 My first thought was, “Oh, no you didn’t – Oprah, you didn’t just imply that depression has to do with a good or a bad life?”  Oprah!  You should know better!

 Depression has nothing to do with your “status” in life and being depressed because bad things happened is short term “reactive depression”…  read more at

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Valentines Day – again?

Wow, Valentines day just seems to jump up out of nowhere.  Just through Christmas and New Years and here we are back at the stores buying stuff again.

I want to send a message to everyone who may be single this year – it is from a poem that I may include reference to in my next newsletter  and it is something that I have believed for a long time.  The newsletter will be posted at

You cannot meet the person that is perfect for you until you have developed to become the person who is perfect for him or her.

This means if you are single – it is not that you are being punished and is more likely that you are developing still.  Be at peace with who you are and find comfort in being with yourself.

Happy soon to be Valentines Day – I just like the chocolate!


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The Wave Riders Newsletter relaunched

Well we tried a new system for The Wave Riders newsletter months ago and it was so complicated that it delayed the newsletter so along with other things… this is my excuse and my apology for missing getting some newsletter out to you.  My thank you to readers that nudged be to get it back in action on a regular basis … so today it was sent out – starting 2010 off right.

I hope you will enjoy the newsletter and that you will continue to communicate with me.  Remember any thing you submit to me is confidential.  I enjoy the communication and the opportunity to help where  I can.

You can view the current newsletter here
and sign up on our sign-up page here

Take care


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Charting online

Check out the charting online that helps us to discover what is pushing and pulling our moods.  You might find you have a food allergy or that at a particular day of the week you feel great or you feel miserable and be able to recognize a pattern.

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