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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone.

Lots more coming in 2010 – our Mood Charting should be online within a week or so.  Have a few Interviews in January and we are doing our Blog Talk Radio show January as well.  I hope you have a fun and safe New Years Eve.


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone from all of us at The Wave Riders

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New Book for Hope in hard times of poverty and bankruptcy

Just released the digital version of my book
10 Revelations in the Leap from Lawn Chairs to Limos
by Indigo Irwin Kennedy
Ten remarkable Secrets held within the journey through poverty and back again! How an overachiever – achieved bankruptcy then bounced back to success and joy through faith and discovery. Unlock the 10 secrets that only this journey could reveal! A sometimes humorous reflective journey into the poverty patterns we create in our lives.
Hope you enjoy it.

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From Poverty and back again – new book just finished

The Wave Riders will introduce and release for sale within one week Indigo Irwin Kennedy’s second book titled:

10 Revelations in the leap from Lawn Chairs to Limos! 

How an overachiever – achieved bankruptcy and bounced back to success and joy through faith and discovery – Unlock the remarkable 10 secrets that only this journey through poverty and back again could reveal! A reflective journey into the sometimes humorous poverty patterns we create in our lives and how a little faith can go a long way home!  Learn how to bounce back from the bottom of bankruptcy and poverty. 

The final bottom; macaroni and cheese suppers for weeks and old, garage sale, broken lawn chairs for living room furniture.  So broken and old were our lawn chairs that our rear ends rested comfortably on the carpeted floor below.  Being over 40 when poverty hit, I thought it would be with me forever but life had other plans and gave to me 10 revelations that anyone could use that turned my world around and rooted deeply to build my life back up again.   it seemed a blur of unexpected, universally driven activity until  I stood only a few years later amazed when broken down lawn chairs turned into Limos and Caribbean cruise vacations.

 When released will be available only in digital format $14.95

We think that you will enjoy this in the second book in the series of books at The Wave Riders.  Indigo is now completing the third book in the series Creating Emotinal Balance in our Accelerated World.

The 3 Main books in The Wave Riders series are listed below

Book 1. The Wave Riders  available in a Printed and Deliverd Softcover or digital download
Introduction to Wave Theory and Personality and it’s destructive forces ie: financial ruin  (The Past)
Book 2.  10 Revelations in the leap from Lawn Chairs to Limos! (The Transition Period)
Book 3. Creating Emotional Balance in our Accelerated World (The Future)
3 Trends that are already effecting our Families and our Finances – estimated release Jan. 2010

Why am I not surprised when I hear that John Wetteland of the Seattle Mariners was hospitalized in Texas after police responded to a possible suicide attempt?

Let’s looks at some recent comments from The News Tribune about John:

“Wetteland’s eccentric, intense personality helped the Mariners bullpen form a tight bond in 2009, and he mentored first-time closer Aardsma from early in spring training.”…  “A musician with a passion for rock music – and a collection of electric and accoustic guitars, which he often traveled with – is 43 and married with four children.”

John’s sounds very typical of our creative, talented, intelligent people that are constantly overworking and under stress to perform.  Stress equals adrenaline and coritsol – the fight or flight response that helps John to perform but it will also leave him vulnerable to the lows of depression.  I hope that John will see that it is not personal…he is not flawed – only on the downward wave of the high adrenaline ride – severe suicidal thoughts – you bet!  When you have used up all the high of adrenaline there are no chemicals left to be anything but depressed and often suicidal.

My thoughts go out to John and his family durign this tough time.  I would love for us to be able to realize that we must build in an allowance for our super-talent to have  more balance and rest to prevent the downturn to depression.  John is not alone and I think more will follow.  I believe that awareness of the waves of our emotions and then positive action to balance the stress is the prevention that is the  key to helping our hard working loved ones to succeed without mental illness and suicide.  A report in September 2009 said that 8 million Americans contemplated suicide – that is a low number and only the people that admitted it.  We must deal with the prevention of depression rather than the medication of a nation! I hope that he will realize that “depression” is not part of his personality – I believe it (among other things) may only be a result of constant pressure and work.

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Christmas Specials

If you are looking for a great gift that lasts for longer than Christmas Morning why not give a membership to and you will give the gift of mood charting and video training along with special bonus items.  The Wave Riders is more than just a book about depression it is a community of intelligent, creative people learning to honor their gifts and to become the best that they can be.

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Revised Site Launched

While I was away in New York City my Web Team launched the new website.  I am really pleased with the new way that we have organized the information to help visitors to participate and grow the discussion area.  We did not move over past discussion posts from the old site but we are looking at ways to bring them over.  The Video Training has started and the online mood charting is an exciting addition.  I will write more about how we can use the mood charting to help us to identify our personal emotional wave patterns and to compare our moods to our activities; what we ate, how we slept and excersized.  We can print out the charts to take them to our doctors or our nutritionists.  We may even find an unknown allergy to certain foods.

We are in a state of almost constant revision to keep improving our offerings, our website and our communication with our readers and now we even offer memberships to help keep in contact and to bring to you the most recent and valuable finding.

We appreciate your patience and please do feel free to offer suggestions to improve even more.

I hope you will enjoy the new

Indigo Irwin Kennedy

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The Wave Riders New Website is about to launch.

Very excited about the new Website launch (official launch Jan. 2010) but most of it is operational already – now you will be able to mood chart online, have video workshops, and more! Hope you like the new site.

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Creative hub for members of The Wave Riders

The site is buzzing.  We added the creative hub for member to learn how to Maximize their Creative Potential while Minimizing downtime and achieving Optimal Mental health.  It’s a free membership with discussion forums and creative groups like actors and artists, technicians and entreprenuers to hang out and learn from each other.  There are also training programs like The Wave Riders “Lift up to Success” where we help our members to rise (often out of depression) and move forward (often out of financial despair).  We accomplish this by helping The Wave Riders members to recognize their natural passions and we guide them through the waves to long lasting success.  Each day the site grows.  Will be a fun place when it is finished.

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The Wave Riders a book and discussion about depression has grown

Well, I have been away from my blog for a long time – my apologies.

The exciting news is that we are about to launch a multitude of things that will help to keep The Wave Riders moving forward in their quest to Maximize their Creative Potential & Achieve Optimal Mental Health while Minimizing the “unproductive” Downtime.

Watch for the launch of our new website at should be up by October 01,  2009

We have also started a new charitable program call “Lift up to Success” – once you understand your Waveriding sometimes you need a “Lift up”. Watch for more coming soon

Also memberships, 52 instructional videos, The Wave Riders TV and more.

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