The Wave Riders  is a set of  theories  by Indigo Irwin Kennedy that states that creative people ride the waves between ecstacy and pain; between mania and depression.  The number of people suffering from depression is on the rise.  Why?  The Wave Riders theory is that we are now evolving to release the “fight or flight” chemicals of adrenaline into our systems whenever we get excited about a project.  Once released into our systems we ride the rocket fuel of creativity until we finally use up all our “happy chemicals” and fall into depression.   Wave Riders are learning how to use the high energy without the debilitating depression.  More information can be found at http://www.thewaveriders.com

View Author Indigo Irwin Kennedy’s Blog at http://www.indigoirwinkennedy.wordpress.com

Or Follow Indigo on Twitter  – search  indigo irwin kennedy


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